Remembrance Day in Ottawa

Remembrance Day 2014 in Ottawa, Canada. Photo by Dennis Gruending.

Remembrance Day is always an important day for me as a peace activist and also as a writer who tries to speak truth to power. I participated once again in a White Poppy ceremony at the Cenotaph in Ottawa, after the main Red Poppy event.

In my speech I made it clear that I wear both poppies: the red to honour those who lost their lives in war and the white to keep saying that war is not an acceptable option; it violates life, it violates the earth and it poisons the air physically and metaphorically. In my comments and in an op-ed I wrote for the Toronto Star that day, I described my Canada as a white poppy country because of its founding values (peace, order and good governance), and its leadership in efforts to step-by-step criminalize and outlaw war.

Ottawa writer Dennis Gruending shared his views on the event in his Pulpit and Politics blog and took the photo seen above. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

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  1. I wish white poppies were available in Mahone Bay. I would like to connect with you. I am writing a book tentatively titled From Corporate Globalization to Global Co-operation: The gift we owe our grandchildren. I thought your CCPA article on the Commons was very good. I organized a conference, Imagine 2012: International Conference on Co-operative Economics, in conjunction with the International Co-operative Summit in Quebec and we had Elinor Ostrom lined up to speak. Alas she died several months before the conference. We did however devote an hour to her ideas and as a tribute to her work.

    I hope you will read this and look forward to talking to you.

    Tom webb

    I look forward to hearing form you.

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