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  1. I am an older lady who was once a member of the Voice of Women in Edmonton and have am presently the Co-Chair of Project Ploughshares Edmonton. I would like to share my thoughts with you regarding the “White
    Poppy” issue.

    Your comments when interviewed this a.m. on the CBC were very well presented and illustrated the origin of the white poppy which are very valid.
    It occurred to me that one of the main objections the Legion has is the fear of losing revenue from the sales of the red poppy to the white poppy, Would it not be possible to share or donate any profits, after expenses, from white poppy sales to the Legion?
    If peace and harmony is what we, in our peace & justice orginizations are really striving for- would not a gesture of this nature set the example of a culture of peace?

    • Dear Muriel,
      I agree, and am open to that — though we had in mind earmarking such funds for things like healing for veterans and families affected by such things as domestic violence as soldiers bring the war home with them, as is continuing to happen.
      Thanks for your thoughts, and response.
      Best wishes,

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