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Heather Menzies is the author of 10 books:

Reclaiming the Commons (2014)

An engaging memoir of personal and political discovery, Reclaiming the Commons for the Common Good combines moving reflections on our common heritage with a contemporary call to action, individually and collectively, locally and globally.

Enter Mourning: A Memoir on Death, Dementia and Coming Home (2009)

In this honest and insightful memoir, Enter Mourning: A Memoir on Death, Dementia, and Coming Home, Heather describes her experience, how it matured her, and her realization that there were more ways to communicate with her mother than speaking.

No Time: Stress and the Crisis of Modern Life (2005)


Canada in the Global Village (1998)

A book accompanied by videos that combines technology and Canada’s history as part of an educational course.

Whose Brave New World? The Information Highway & the New Economy (1996)

Heather Menzies steers us through the jargon of the Information Highway, globalization and the Internet to grasp the moral and political issues at stake in the Brave New World of the new economy.

By the Labour of Their Hands: The Story of Ontario Cheddar Cheese (1994)

Heather Menzies provides a history of Ontario’s cheese industry, the key role of women, and how it was undermined by government decisions.

Fastforward and Out of Control: How Technology is Changing your Life (1989)

Heather Menzies writes about how technology is increasing the pace of all of our lives, and not just at work.

Computers on The Job: Surviving Canada’s Microcomputer Revolution (1981)

In Computers on the Job, Heather Menzies explains, in clear, non-technical terms, how the microcomputer, or chip, is unleashing the full potential of computers. Employers can automate many routine jobs and transform others – sometimes for the benefit of the employee, sometimes not.

Women and the Chip: Case Studies on the Employment Effects of Microtechnology (1981)

This study addresses the question of present and foreseeable impacts of office automation on employment and women. It brings out both the complexity and the urgency of technological change as a problem and, perhaps, as an opportunity for women who will be looking to employment in the years ahead.

The Railroad’s Not Enough: Canada Now (1978)

An attempt to answer the question, “Who are we and where are we going?”, Heather Menzies travels coast to coast and offers us this collection of our thoughts on a wide range of subjects.


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