Enter Mourning

Thousands of Canadians across the country are wrestling with the problem of how to care for their parents who are diagnosed with dementia, Alzheimer’s and other diseases that reduce their parents’ ability to care for themselves.

entering_mourning_coverOttawa author Heather Menzies faced exactly this situation with her Mum. In this honest and insightful memoir, Enter Mourning: A Memoir on Death, Dementia, and Coming Home, Heather describes her experience, how it matured her, and her realization that there were more ways to communicate with her mother than speaking.

The book received critical acclaim and earned a spot on the Globe and Mail’s “Best Books” list of 2009. Unfortunately, the publisher, Key Porter Books, closed its doors in January 2011; the book remains available (see below).

Read excerpts from every chapter of this powerful and moving book.

How to Order

Copies of Enter Mourning are available through Heather Menzies’ publicist, Peter Moore, pmoore26@yahoo.com. Place your order via Paypal.

Enter Mourning

Buschkek Books is also distributing the book. Contact contact@buschekbooks.com for more information.

Enter Mourning may also be available through your local book store, McNally Robinson, Chapters Indigo and Amazon, as supplies last.

Reviews and Honours

The Globe and Mail newspaper included Enter Mourning in its annual “100 of the Best Books” in 2009.

“Ms. Menzies’ Hope.” Article by Wen Zheng Li, Chief of Canada Bureau, People’s Daily. January 29, 2010. Read article in Chinese and English.

“Pure relating as words slipped away.” Review in the Ottawa Citizen on July 5, 2009. Read the review.

“The quiet when it all falls away.” Review by Rebecca Wigod in The Vancouver Sun on May 2, 2009. Read the review.

“When the child becomes the parent.” Reviewed by Paula Todd in The Globe and Mail Saturday Books section on June 12, 2009. Read the review.

“Caring for aging Mom transforms dutiful daughter.” Review by Judy Steed in The Toronto Star on May 16, 2009. Read the review.

What readers are saying about Enter Mourning:

“It has broken my heart and made my heart sing at the same time.”

“The author is a talented and gifted writer who provides the reader with an inside look at a very personal, challenging and rewarding journey.”

“Heather Menzies’s chronicle of her own coming to terms with her mother’s dementia is a very personal and complex story that reveals as much about her own struggles to cope with her busy life as about the need to constantly reassess her relationship with her mother and her four siblings.”

Read more testimonials.

Need a speaker?

Heather Menzies is a skilled speaker who is able to speak to the themes in Enter Mourning. See more information about Heather as a public speaker.

Speech to the British Columbia Nurses’ Union 2011 Annual General Meeting on May 4, 2011. Read speech.



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